Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New Monthly Link Up! The Monthly Top Ten! {July 2015}

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I've decided to start a monthly link up! I'm excited for this opportunity to grow my blogging skills as well as develop a way to "meet" other educators! 

I've decided to do a monthly "top ten" list ... the topic will change monthly ... anywhere from your favorite tv shows, music, teaching strategies, picture books, anything you could possibly list in a top ten list! I am so excited to start this link up, and I hope that I will reach a lot of educators this way. 

I know that I've just started blogging {for about the 5th time} but, I'm really finding it a lot easier this time around to find the time to commit to running a serious teacherpreneur business and cannot wait to see where it takes me!

This month, I have been working on new projects like crazy for TPT, so I decided to theme my monthly top ten around that. I am a tv-aholic and watch anything and everything... especially while working (thank goodness for laptops so I can sit on my couch in my sweats!)... so this month, the top ten list is: Top 10 TV Shows {to watch while creating, grading, blogging and lesson planning} I am so thrilled to see everyone's answers and learn about some great new shows (I can't ever decide on a new show without some help!) 

Here are my top ten favorites! I have an obsession with crime shows, I know ... I think it's because it's the complete opposite of what I do in real life! This was a lot tougher than I was expecting, because I always have the tv on, but putting them into a list was more difficult than I thought... but it was so fun! 

So, go ahead, blog away! Don't forget to link back here so we can read all of your fabulous recommendations! 


  1. I love The Bachelorette! I just posted on Instagram this week that it's my guilty pleasure. :) Great idea for a link-up!

  2. I LOVE Criminal Minds-- but it always makes me paranoid and gives me nightmares... :) Cute idea for a link-up party! I'm going to make my list right now!

    1. It's my go-to on Netflix! I hate when they are near where I live :) I'm excited to read your link up!


  3. Thank you for such a fun link-up! It's my very first and I loved it!

    1. You're very welcome, it's my first time hosting!

  4. Criminal Minds and NCIS are awesome!! Been watching them forever, and have the DVD's too. Great idea for a link-up and looking forward to participating again!!

  5. I just started blogging as well! I'm glad you did this! :) I enjoyed participating! The only thing we have in common on our list is "America's Got Talent." It's definitely good background noise, but I do get distracted by it sometimes! Haha I will have to check out some of these other shows, too!

    Fervent First Grade Frenzy

  6. Miss Giess, I hope this is alright (if not, please just delete it)....

    For those of you joining in this link-up, please check out my giveaway and feel free to enter. I've hit 100 followers at my TPT store and I'm having a big giveaway with some great prizes and it'd be great if someone from the link-up could win!!

    Thanks again for doing the link-up, Miss Gies!!

    Here's the giveaway.....

  7. I love this idea! Thanks for hosting! It was hard to just pick 10.

    Learning Adventures

  8. Thanks so much for hosting! This was an easy topic to start with and I loved having something new to talk about! I am going to have to check out How to Get Away With Murder!


  9. Great idea, love it! I also am very new to blogging. I recently got back into Bones and forgot how much I enjoyed it. Can't wait for next month's topic!
    Little Gingergarten

  10. Thanks for the party! I have been wanting to check out Orange is the New Black. I need to do that while I'm on summer break!