Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I'm not in Vegas, but ...

This week, I'm linking up with Kristen from School and the City  for her I'm Not in Vegas, but ... linky party.

I have always had big dreams of going to Vegas for the TPT conference ... I miss that city! I took it for granted when I only lived an hour and a half away and could go there for shopping, sight seeing, or anything else fun for that matter! My friend Lisa and I would go randomly for a weekend about once every month or two towards the end of our time in Kingman, AZ So, Vegas is like a home away from home for me... but that's not the only reason I want to go to the conference, I think that meeting all these teacher bloggers I have "stolen" ideas from over the last four years would be amazing! Just the amount of ingenuity in those rooms alone could solve all the world's problems!

However, I am not anywhere near where I want to be in the teacherpreneur world yet. I have pretty good start on my TPT store, but still haven't taken the plunge to be upgraded {that's happening before the back to school sales, though!}. I've tried blogging in the past, but life has gotten in the way {fingers crossed that this time is different!}. And, I want to feel like I'm there to give advice, not just to take it. So, my goal is that in the next 3 years, I can successfully go to Vegas and pay for it out of my TPT earnings. I think that it's a very attainable goal. Hopefully, life won't get in the way!

This week, I won't be going to Vegas for the above mentioned reasons, however, I will be doing some other fun things!

I have two out of the three rooms that I want to paint done and am working on the last room! I painted my dining room and bathroom gray last week and added a special feature wall of chalkboard paint in the dining room. The living room is going navy and gray with some accents of mustard yellow ... it's gorgeous and sophisticated! The boy and I still haven't come to an agreement on the master bedroom, so it's staying white for now ... maybe one day when he's working I'll run off to get some paint and it will be too late to change his mind!

 I'm loving the colors and how everything is turning out! After this post, I'm heading out to get a few new roller covers and some breakfast to power me through the day {as well as a lot of Diet Pepsi!}

Last year, I attended the Idaho Center for Mathematics summer conference. I'm not a math fan, but this was one of the best conferences I have ever been to! There were eight breakout sessions and we were fed and PAID! All conferences should be like this! I am looking forward to going this year and taking my mind off of other things going on in my life ... it'll be a great way to get use to working again :)

My parents are coming down from Washington this weekend to see my house and check some things off of the daddy, can you please fix this list! They are bringing me some furniture and all of dad's tools so we can take care of a few little things {mainly the closet light fixture} and my mom can start planning for the backyard makeover madness that needs to happen next year!

I'm pretty excited about the plans for the week. I have less than a month until I head back to work and am looking forward to decorating and prepping for the new school year in an awesome new school!

Hopefully, I'll see all of you one day in Vegas, but until then life will have to suffice.


  1. It sounds like you have a lot to keep you busy!! I am teaching in a new school this year too. Best of luck to you! Thanks for linking up.

    School and the City

  2. Sadly, I'm not going to Vegas this year either. #teachersNOTinvegas I went last year and it was AMAZING! Let's promise to go next year. And you definitely have to upgrade to premium seller. I waited and waited for my sales to pay for it, but I finally took the leap and instantly saw the payback. Do it, girl! :)

    Miss Woodward's Class

  3. Sadly I am not in Vegas either. My son is playing baseball this week in a World Series so I am being the best baseball mom I can be! Plus my In-laws are in town as well.... I feel like everything you said about your TPT store and blogging is me in a nut shell as well! Maybe one day we will all be in Vegas together!

    Becky from

  4. I'm not in Vegas either, and I wish I could go. It sounds like you have a great 3 year plan for your teacherprenuer plan. Good luck!!
    Are We There Yet?