Thursday, July 16, 2015

Back to School Essentials!

Today, I am linking up with The Teaching Thief for her back to school essentials linky party.

 I am excited about this link up because it's getting me ready for all those back to school sales!!! This is the first year that I am not ready for summer to end quite yet ... I've had so much going on and I could use just a few more weeks :) But, I am always ready to go shopping so here's my list!

Ikea Book Boxes

I use these babies for everything ... book-boxes, table organization, mailboxes, etc... they are so cheap that I just have to have them around! One of these days, I will get around to buying ACTUAL PLASTIC book boxes, but for now these will do! Plus, when we reach our stamina mark we get to decorate them, and the kids always love that :) 

The only bummer about these bad boys is that there is NO IKEA in BOISE. Road trip anyone?

Some sort of organizational binder/planner/etc

This year, I switched it up and bought A Modern Teacher's striped teacher binder and put it in a new Avery pink and black binder... and I love it! I just got busy printing it out the other day and didn't have all the paper I need to finish it, so I'm off to the store sometime tonight! I love the flexibility a teacher binder gives me ... if I need more room, voila I buy a bigger binder or separate a section out, if I mess something up, I can easily reprint the page. This year, I decided to do my "data and student info" in one binder, my lesson plans and calendar in another. I know this seems like a lot to take home, but I like having the two things separated for meetings and my own brain :) 

Sharpie Flip Chart Markers

These babies are the best and never seem to fade! I seriously have an obsession with them and cannot live without them any more. They make my anchor charts rock! They do smear, a little, but it's only because they are so inky and wonderful! I love tracing things on my anchor charts {like cute clip art or font} and use the projector to help me out a lot... these markers are just what I need to help me ready myself for the back to school season!

Glue Sticks

Seriously, how does one only request ONE glue stick per child for the WHOLE school year?!?!? Do they think that glue sticks grow on trees?!?!?!? If I were in charge of school supply lists, the request would be for 20 per kiddo ... especially with interactive notebooks! 

Lifesavers Mints

Maybe I'm a big meanie, but I rarely let my kids go to the nurse. I can almost always tell when they are trying to get out of class, or if they are being over-dramatic, which in first and second grade happens a lot ... so, I buy a baggie of these mints at the beginning of the year to help placate those tummy troubles.

Ink, Laminating Pouches, and Cardstock

I always buy a ton, but I always seem to need more :( 


The more the better! 

and last but not least... 

A fresh batch of Sharpies and Flair Pens

Because, honestly ... that's why I became a teacher!

What are your back to school essentials? Be sure to Link Up with The Teaching Thief  and share all of your ideas ... Now, I feel the need to go to Target! 

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love your idea about decorating the book boxes once you reach your stamina goal... that's awesome! My 4th graders would love that! I also TOTALLY agree with the glue stick thing. I mean... seriously... in what universe has 2 glue sticks EVER been enough for an entire year?! It's crazy. I forgot the laminating pouches on my list, but that is definitely another essential. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your favorites. :)