Thursday, February 18, 2016

Simply Techy: A monthly link-up with my friend Simply Teach Sew Grow

My teammate and I have been working on blogging together. We sat down one night, had some fabulous Thai food, and swapped techy tips for two or three hours. During that conversation, I taught her to start a monthly link up, like my Top Ten. So, we went through the basics and she decided to do a monthly user-friendly iPad/tech linky! I'm so excited for this, because this is my first year with daily iPads. I know I could be doing so much more with them and this is a great place to get ideas, so link up with my friend, over at Simply Teach, Sew, Grow  and add your ideas. It's super easy!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Currently: February 2016

I'm so excited to be linking up with Farley at Oh Boy it's Farley for her February Currently ... I love this time of month, because I always have a fun way to chill out, self reflect and write some blog posts...

So, here's my currently!

Loving: Guys, I ordered the wrong size of blinds for my big front window. Not the cheap kind of blinds either - the faux wood slat blinds... I got a killer deal (50% off!!!) on the JcPenney Website after Christmas sale... I spent a whole weekend prepping - caulking, painting, etc... and bought power tools *finally* in order to hang them up and doll up my living room ... When I went to hang the last set of blinds... they were too big! So, I looked up how to fix my blundering error ... and it was so stinking easy! My boyfriend and I took to Home Depot and bought a ten dollar hack saw... that and some blue painters tape was all I needed to fix my silly mistake --- I measured, taped all of the slats together and got sawing... A little hard work and my blinds fit perfectl
y! I felt SO SO SO very accomplished when I finished that project!

Needing: Last weekend was not much of a weekend for me - I was sick, my boyfriend was sick, and my Puppers was sick ... I had some other things going on, and didn't really get a chance to rest. I'm hoping to spend some time at the hot springs this weekend and enjoy life a little bit!

Hope you are enjoying your February so far! Link up and share your thoughts on life:)

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Monthly Top Ten: February

Wow! I fail! It's been since August since I posted a monthly top ten to fill out. Thank you for being patient as I work to get to know my new school and my house... It's been a quick first half of the year and I am looking forward to feeling more settled in my job and my house!

This month is all about Valentine's ... You know that one of the perks of the job is getting all that candy during the holidays and giving it away to other people because you can't stand the thought of eating one more piece (even though you secretly want it all to yourself!) Well, there's definitely candy types that I keep, just for me... because I can't stand the thought of sharing them with some of my family members!

This month I want to know ... what are your top ten Valentine's Candies? What do you splurge on for your kids so you can sneak a bite or two of the left overs? Which candies do you get a little bit excited about when they end up in your valentine's mailbox? Join the link up and let me know!

The only thing I really need to say is ... Reese's ... mmmm... the specialty ones are even better. I can't wait to get some of them in my goodie bag this year (fingers crossed!)
If you can't tell, I like anything chocolate... there's a few fruity things thrown in, but seriously, who can complain about chocolate! 
Last year, my boyfriend got me some specialty chocolates from a local chocolate shop. They were TO DIE FOR. One can only hope he's still this romantic... 
Hope you all have fun!

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