Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Currently {July 2015)

I am so excited to link Oh Boy! It's Fourth Grade on time this month! I am really loving linkys lately because I think it's a great way to connect with other educators and get to know people outside of my area! 

This month, I am currently:

I love Master Chef! I am so jealous of every single person on this show! If I could even just dice vegetables like all these people do, I would take it as a win! 

Yesterday, I got the keys to my brand new house! Today, I got the fridge, new paint and some other things I needed. But mostly I'm L.O.V.I.N.G. my chalkboard wall that I painted today!!!! I am so excited to turn it into my coffee bar wall... inspired by these pins that my momma sent me :) 

This is what the wall looks like now ... I'm painting the rest of the walls gray, and it should look great! 

I have a great old ironing board and some goodies from IKEA that I use for my coffee bar now. I am excited to get this DIY done because I'm so excited to release my inner chalk drawing goddess!

 I am so hungry! But all the food I have in my house requires cooking :( I REALLY want a pizza, but now I should save my money. Guess it's an apple and peanut butter {which is way healthier anyway!}

A foot massage! I was really dumb and didn't wear tennis shoes today. It's totally my fault. I was up and down on a ladder all day, unpacking, running to home depot and the appliance store, and moved my boyfriend out of his apartment. I guess this is what happens when I rush out of the house in excitement. Lesson Learned!

My new house is so much bigger and I have so many decorating plans in my head! I am being patient and tackling things as I can, but part of me just wants to do it all at once!


  1. I found you on the Currently Linky! Congrats on your new house! So exciting. I've always loved the idea of a chalkboard wall, and your pins look awesome. I know how you feel about wanting it all to be done at once. My husband and I have been in our house for 8 years, and it's still not done. Some day though :-)

  2. Hi Hailey! I found your blog through Farley's Currently! Can I just say that I love love love your chalk wall. I think I'm going to have to copy you! I have big wall in my kitchen and think that would look perfect on it. Why had this never occurred to me? I pinned your pictures because I have got to remember this!

    Congratulations on your new home! Decorating is so much fun! Do you have Home Goods near by? They are the perfect place to find amazing deals. Also, think of repurposing ... go to a thrift store and think what could do with that? Gold or white spray paint does wonders to old stuff!

    Good luck with decorating and enjoy your new home!

  3. Okay, as I was looking at your pictures after the chalkboard wall comment (looking before reading), I thought you had already done all of that and was SO impressed! Haha I'm still impressed that you've already painted anything though! :) We have a little coffee station that I LOVE! I'll have to post a picture sometime! Good luck with getting all moved in! We bought our house year ago and STILL have a room full of boxes (mostly school stuff that I haven't gone through). I feel bad for anyone who lives with a teacher! Well, just because of the mass amounts of stuff that pile up... other than that teachers are awesome, of course!

    Fervent First Grade Frenzy

    1. I agree! I think the painting that has all happened has happened because of a)pure excitement and b) lack of things to do!