Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Math Facts Made Easy: My Masterpiece!

I told you I would put together a little post about my newest resource, Math Facts Made Easy: Addition Edition. I am pretty excited about how this masterpiece turned out, and cannot wait to complete subtraction, multiplication and division!

Last year, I attended a class required by the state. It’s called Mathematical Thinking for Instruction. It sounds so very boring, I know! But, I learned some great things about the four operations.

 One of the biggest ideas I took from the class was that we should not be teaching math facts in order and we should not test them every day. This was a new thought to me and I figured I would test it out, as it matched our districts quarterly tests. 

About halfway through the year, I started giving weekly assessments of mixed addition and subtraction facts, to see how my kiddos were doing. They were pretty stagnant and I needed a way to boost them up. 

We were already doing daily number talks, which was helping, but I needed something more hands on and something that could be built in quickly everyday. I came up with this program and it worked wonders. My low babies went from two or three facts in two minutes to 18 to 20 facts in two minutes. It was amazing! And, the kids were exploring, talking and working at their own pace to figure out the facts. I was so pleased, that I decided I wanted to turn it into a product and share it with everyone because I know that it works … and not just for my kiddos … for all the second grade classes and third grade classes in my school! 

I hope you enjoy this purchase and your kids grow like wildflowers!

If you would like to try a week for  
check out the preview file on teachers pay teachers ... 


  1. This looks like a great product! I would be especially interested to see what you do with multiplication and division. Love your blog!



    1. Thanks, Julie! I just added a giveaway for the product! Glad to "meet" you!