Sunday, March 6, 2016

Assessment: How does it fit with common core and a spiral based teaching model?

I am on an assessment team at my school. We are working to create a school based plan on assessment and tie it in with our belief that spiral review - especially in math, is important for learning. This week, a few of us have worked to create a presentation on how to track your assessment and why it is important. We will presenting this information on Monday to our elementary school team.

This is something that I've always been good at, but have gone through a lot of changes in my short five years of teaching. I know that a lot of people are stuck in the mindset that they have to grade and track everything - but with Common Core and Spiral based teaching, that doesn't have to be! Yes ... there is light at the end of the grading tunnel!

Mr. D on Grading

What do you do to keep records? Which records do you keep? Do you have your students keep any records? Hopefully this presentation can help you answer these questions and more! Let me know if you have questions or ideas! 

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