Thursday, February 18, 2016

Simply Techy: A monthly link-up with my friend Simply Teach Sew Grow

My teammate and I have been working on blogging together. We sat down one night, had some fabulous Thai food, and swapped techy tips for two or three hours. During that conversation, I taught her to start a monthly link up, like my Top Ten. So, we went through the basics and she decided to do a monthly user-friendly iPad/tech linky! I'm so excited for this, because this is my first year with daily iPads. I know I could be doing so much more with them and this is a great place to get ideas, so link up with my friend, over at Simply Teach, Sew, Grow  and add your ideas. It's super easy!

Have you had your students use MobyMax? I have seen how quickly it can help support students who use it regularly. Try it out at MobyMax


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    1. I posted your link up on a group I joined on Facebook... hopefully it will lead to some more traffic flow!
      Hope you had a relaxing weekend!