Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Currently: February 2016

I'm so excited to be linking up with Farley at Oh Boy it's Farley for her February Currently ... I love this time of month, because I always have a fun way to chill out, self reflect and write some blog posts...

So, here's my currently!

Loving: Guys, I ordered the wrong size of blinds for my big front window. Not the cheap kind of blinds either - the faux wood slat blinds... I got a killer deal (50% off!!!) on the JcPenney Website after Christmas sale... I spent a whole weekend prepping - caulking, painting, etc... and bought power tools *finally* in order to hang them up and doll up my living room ... When I went to hang the last set of blinds... they were too big! So, I looked up how to fix my blundering error ... and it was so stinking easy! My boyfriend and I took to Home Depot and bought a ten dollar hack saw... that and some blue painters tape was all I needed to fix my silly mistake --- I measured, taped all of the slats together and got sawing... A little hard work and my blinds fit perfectl
y! I felt SO SO SO very accomplished when I finished that project!

Needing: Last weekend was not much of a weekend for me - I was sick, my boyfriend was sick, and my Puppers was sick ... I had some other things going on, and didn't really get a chance to rest. I'm hoping to spend some time at the hot springs this weekend and enjoy life a little bit!

Hope you are enjoying your February so far! Link up and share your thoughts on life:)


  1. Hey Hailey!
    Here's to a healthy month! We were a sick house in January...#overit!

  2. It is settled...You are my DIY person on retainer! Feel better!
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