Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Monday Made It: June 13 2016

Well, I just realized that today is TUESDAY and not Monday, but I figured I would still link up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It! I've been out of school for a week, and have been busy working on a bunch of projects!

This summer, I was asked to teach summer school. At first I had a mini-heart attack ... 

And then, I found out that it was only a month, half days, and way more money than I thought... so I started doing a happy dance! 
We are teaching thematic units, which I am beyond excited about ... and we get to do ANYTHING we want ... It's like the teaching experience everyone creative has always dreamed about! 
It's going to be hard to wake up so early, but at least it will be FUN! 

I decided on Fairy Tales (specifically fractured fairy tales) and am so, so, very excited to wear a crown for four weeks! 

I also decided to try out planbook.com during summer school so that I could decide if it's something I want to do over the course of the school year. I wanted to make it cute, and luckily, I found Ladybug Teacher Files  tutorial on how to make this website work for me and have been playing around ever since.  I'm loving the way I can make it cute and organized ... and I can just copy and paste everything from year to year!!!! 

I worked hard at trying to balance work/social/home remodeling life last week! I also transformed my old kitchen table as my first diy of the summer ... unfortunately, I don't have a before picture, but I found a similar table on craigslist... below is a similar table to what I had, except it was round and all wood, no tile. I HATED the hunter green legs and the blah top (it was more of a cherry stain), and have had it covered with a table cloth for the past two years because it was the opposite of any kind of home decor that I had in my house (but I had bought it for a mere $40 at a Goodwill, knowing I could eventually make it look much better!)

Kind of Before:


I painted the legs black, sanded down the top and stained it with a kona color, and added a high gloss finish. I'm not so embarrassed anymore! 

I totally revamped my Calendar Math Unit, and if I do say so myself, it's stinking adorable!

I loved using this daily in second grade to reinforce math skills and get kids talking... check it out... 

What did you make this week?

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