Thursday, August 13, 2015

Back to School Madness and a Freebie

Ahhh! I've already failed my weekly blog challenge, and school hasn't even officially started yet! Ugh! Well, at least I only missed it by 6 days :( I have a good excuse though, so at least I can use that! I've been hard at work in my classroom, and it's almost ready for a full reveal, but there are a few more things I am working on tomorrow. So, hopefully sometime on Sunday there will be a big reveal here on the blog. Right now, I wanted to send out a freebie I just created for my class. I have been creating a lot of decorating things, and as soon as they are organized and credit pages are made ... you will get a chance to have them all to yourselves! Tonight, I created a voice level chart... it's nothing fancy, but I think it will work the way I need it too. I found one similar to mine on TPT but; it cut off when I printed it, and me, being the perfectionist I am, had to fix it. I also included an arrow that I am going to use to indicate what level the students should be working at. I will laminate both the arrow and the voice level chart, then put velcro dots on the colored squares as well as the back of the arrow. I am excited for this easy fix! I hope you enjoy!

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